Modular Houses

Modular Pod Units

Living lite offers you the freedom of smart, easy and flexible living
Our modern design combines function and versatility to create a compact space that feels big, and when fitted with movable and convertible furniture elements, customises the space to adapt to your needs.

Our concept reduces the amount of resources consumed and encourages a move towards a more sustainable, unencumbered way of life.

Our pods are based on a modular design that allows flexibility and freedom to reconfigure, expand and relocate your space as circumstances change and opportunities arise.

Reduced footprint, reduced maintenance, reduced obligations means more time to focus on what really matters to you.

For Life
For Work
For Hospitality
Whether your need is for a Student Pod, Starter home, Family home, a Weekend Getaway or a downsized retirement unit, Living Lite has a solution for you.
Living Lite offers you work space solutions from the simple home office to multi user work environments or even mobile expo units, wherever the job takes you.
Living Lite off the grid units are ideal for tourism operators or landowners wishing to provide bespoke remote accommodation to any number of guests.
The Living Lite design is inspired by a lifestyle option to live more freely. Whether you are an urban dweller, traveller, nature lover, down sizer or efficiency seeker,

Whether you own or rent the land, our pods give you the freedom to have your space wherever you can imagine it.
What is living Lite?
Smart Living
  • Compact Functional Design
  • Modular system
  • Minimal waste
  • In Factory build process
  • Energy Efficient
  • Smart Technology
    • Our pods’ worth is not based on what it can house, but rather on how it is designed to accommodate your requirements.
    • Our compact design and optional space-savvy furniture is geared towards functionality and multi-purpose use.
    • Our modular system allows for a variety of options from single units, to a combination of multiple units, configured to create a space which meets your needs.
    •  Our design layout can be orientated to adapt to your living scenario and / or site requirements.
    • Our design efficiency ensures that there is no waste of material or space.
    • Our in-factory build process ensures the highest quality finishes using high-end materials that have been selected not only for their modern aesthetic appeal, but also for longevity and ease of maintenance.
    • Our pods are designed to be energy efficient. We use premium, fire retardant panels with excellent insulation properties thus creating a watertight, sealed environment. Our high-quality aluminium framed doors and windows, with either single or double glazing with thermal film, further ensures maintenance of a comfortable environment due to heat reflection and retention. Use of simple low energy systems such as LED lighting and gas further decreases energy consumption overall. Our pods can be fitted with off the grid systems if required.
    • We have embraced technology with smart systems that allow you to run your home from anywhere in the world through a simple, customisable application on your smartphone or laptop. From switching off security systems or switching on lights and your favorite music when you arrive home, to monitoring power usage or what your pets are up to while you’re at work, we have you covered.
Easy Living
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimal footprint and foundations
  • Low and accessible maintenance
  • Ready to move in option
    • Our pods consist of steel framed, corrosion protected chassis and associated connecting elements designed and engineered for ease of transport and installation. These are manufactured in a controlled workshop environment. This steel structural core enables the pods to be transported to site as complete units, or partially assembled, which reduces site installation and labour costs as well as time delays associated with weather. Where traditional homes can take a year or more to build, our pods can be delivered and installed in a much shorter period.
    • The use of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) ensures we save time through a highly efficient manufacturing process borrowed from the automotive industry, and creates a rigid construction which far surpasses other traditional building methods.
    • Our modular system and minimal footprint accommodate installation on even the most remote or challenging sites, with little to no foundation work required.
    • Our Pods are designed with a service core, as a compact unit, to minimize service runs. All items, such as quick fit plumbing systems, are easily accessible for maintenance,repair and future expansion requirements. Depending on your layout preference, the service core can be located centrally or at the end of the unit.
    • Our pods can be designed as a ‘ready to move in’ option, complete with appliances, multi-purpose furniture and smart technology should you so desire.
Flexible Living
  • Relocate, expand or rearrange your space
  • Optional add-on elements
  • “Lock up and go” option
    • Our pods require no traditional foundations and our modular system offers the opportunity relocate, expand or rearrange your space to suit your needs.
    • Our modular system allows you to create a desired living environment with optional add-on elements that combine indoor and outdoor living and visually and physically enlarge the living spaces. These elements include:
      • Decks
      • Sun shades
      • Vehicle protection
      • Variety of roof styles.
    • Our pods allow for the ultimate ‘lock up and go’ living space, with decks and sun shades that can be designed to double as security features.
    Nomad 2
  • This model is suitable for a single person or a couple.
  • An efficiently designed, open plan concept functions as a multi-purpose living space for sleeping lounging, dining, studying and personal storage.
  • Multi-function furniture allows the space to be adapted to suit the daily needs at different times of the day.
  • A service core houses the kitchen and ablution facilities as well as the systems center.
  • Once the stacking doors are opened, the optional add on elements allow the Nomad 2 to double in size, providing outdoor lounging, eating and braai areas.
  • Finishes are modern, simple, clean and of a high quality for easy maintenance and long term durability.
  • Outdoor screens can be designed to suit various climatic needs and also security requirements.
  • Owners have the choice of a range of finishes, colors and furniture fit out options.
  • Systems choices depend on whether the unit will be grid tied or a self sufficient off the grid unit
    Technical Specifications

  • Galvanised Modular Steel structure
  • Pod is Transportable complete, with additional components modular parts for quick assembly
  • Grid tied or Off the Grid services and systems.
  • Ducting and conducting contained within wall ceiling panels.
  • Service core houses all functions and is “Off the grid” ready.
  • Premium quality materials and finishes.
  • Space saving and multifunctional furniture.
  • Minimal Footprint – units supported by 4-6 columns.
  • Site Installation 1 week.

Base Pod Deluxe Pod
Nomad 1
Base Unit Deluxe Unit
Sqm 23 sqm 46sqm
Roof Type Flat Pitched
Porch Deck None 23 sqm
Porch Roof None Yes
Side Screens None Yes
Vehicle protection None Yes
Nomad 2
Sqm 33 sqm 65 sqm
Roof Type Flat Pitched
Porch Deck None 32 sqm
Porch Roof None Yes
Side Screens None Yes
Vehicle protection None Yes
Price From R592 000 From R782 000
* All pricing excludes Multifunctional furniture and appliances
* Final costing subject to client choices

Contact us for:
• Our standard Nomad series of Modular homes
• Customisation of units and combining units together
• Our modular system for your custom designs